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Joseph G. Summers

The author, Joseph G. Summers is an avid reader, writer and traveler. He believes that children should be exposed to as many varied experiences as possible. Teacher Joe has lived in China for more than 13 years while teaching people of all ages English. He believes in the importance of not just teaching the spoken word but encouraging students to learn the culture. He pays special attention to ensuring that culture is not judged by rather it is better or worse but simply seen as different. He has visited more than 15 different countries and enjoys sharing his experiences with others. We can all travel and learn through books.

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One Adventure Series

Reading is important but reading is only possible if someone writes.

Charlie Tremendous

Grandpa's Travels - In Kenya

Embark on an extraordinary journey to East Africa, where you’ll learn about the Maasai, their timeless traditions, and immerse yourself in a vibrant world of colors and nature’s wonders. Unveil the beauty of this enchanting land and embrace the allure of its resplendent landscapes.

Grandpa's Travels - In America

Discover a world of adventure as you delve into the first book of a captivating series, chronicling the author’s thrilling travels across multiple countries. Join in the excitement and embrace the unknown as you explore new cultures, uncharted territories, and unexpected discoveries. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey – start reading now!

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